Capitalizing on COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought many drastic changes to our schedule’s, habits and activities for many of us. The recent pandemic has shaken the entire planet and to a certain extent paused human life on earth.

With many of us being forced to go on lockdown unable to go out. The amount of free time at our disposal has gone up. Due to these circumstances, this may cause us to gear off our path’s and make us abandon the good habits we had coming into this lockdown.

While some may view this lockdown as a vacation. There are many individuals who will view this lockdown as an opportunity. An opportunity to grow and create. An opportunity to really sit down and reflect on life as a whole and reframe it, if you choose to do so.

So how can you capitalize on this opportunity?

This is the perfect time to launch that YouTube channel you’ve been wanting to start, learn new ways to make extra income, start brainstorming that business idea that’s been looming in your head, to read that book you’ve been wanting to read, to start working on yourself mentally, emotionally & physically. These are just a couple of ideas to maintain creativity and stay productive but with a minor sit down for yourself, you’ll be able to spark fresh ideas that are personalized to work for you.

With Wavendary being a brand that promotes success, we wanted to give you guys a few tips so you can stay focused and capitalize on this opportunity in front of us.

1) Dress up.

When you wake up, change your clothes. Dress the way you’d always dress. This will subconsciously change your state of mind and make your structure more discipline.

2) Stop scrolling through social media carelessly.

With breaking news coming out by the hour. It is important to inform yourself and stay up to date with the news but recognize when you start scrolling just to bypass time, as it can be mentally draining with so much negativity being online right now. 

3)   Create and follow a routine.

It is important to adapt to these times and get into a productive routine. Not only will this help you structure your day so that it becomes productive but it will also give you confidence if your able to hold yourself accountable for the task you set out for yourself.

Win the day so you can win the week. Win the week's so you can win the month. Win the month's and win the year. Its all starts with winning every single day.

4) Exercise and eat right.

Health is wealth. When we feel good we perform better. If you're able to exercise, do it. Even if its walking down your street, while maintaining social distancing of course... Exercising will not only help you feel better it will also help you as it translates over to other parts of your life.

5) Consume valuable content.

Read books, Listen to a podcast, consume educational content that will expand your mind.

6) Control your thinking

You don’t have to believe everything you think. We all have negative thoughts and especially now more than ever. A way to change this is to start questioning and evaluating the things you tell yourself.

We understand this can be a challenge due to the uncertain times we are living in but where there is a challenge there is an opportunity. If you are able to push through the obstacles and adapt to the uncertain times, you’ll thank yourself later as you'll have positioned yourself to be in a better place once this is all said and done.

Whatever you choose to do, stay safe and take care. You got this!