Our design process

Our design process is simple. Design and create quality products which are versatile to wear that are comfortable for all day use.

Keeping our products looking clean and versatile is important to us as we want you to get the most use out of your shirts and hoodies without looking repetitive in your outfits.

We make our products to fit your lifestyle effortlessly. With an idea of our demographic and brand identity, we initiate the design process by first coming up with a mood board for a certain collection that can consist of different color’s, music, images or anything that pertain’s to our collection or brand. These mood boards are the used to spark fresh ideas that are centered around a collections topic or message to create pieces that can later be released to the public.

Season’s also play a huge role. Depending on the season, you might see different garments and colors at different times of the year like brighter colors in the summer and darker colors in the fall and winter.

This is how we create and we leave the rest of the expression up to you.