Behind the logo

With many ideas looming through our head of what our ideal logo would be. We knew we wanted a hard clean hitting logo that was simplistic in its design that would define what we're all about.

Being a brand that promotes success and triumph, we wanted a logo that would be inclusive of our values and of a quality that brings us all together. That quality being our ambitious mindset's.

The idea of the cloud came to be one day while Joel Luis the CEO of Wavendary was on his afternoon run. He took a break to catch his breath while overlooking the horizon when a sudden burst of motivation and inspiration infused his body. To him there was nothing quite as inspiring as overlooking a city while visualizing your own dreams and visions in your head. One distinct thing he noticed was the clouds. Their motion just never seemed to stop. They were always moving forward no matter the circumstances down here on earth. That's when the idea hit. Thats when he decided to run back home, pick up his pen and paper and start drawing out the cloud.

The interpretation of the cloud is to represent the elevated mentality one needs in order to flourish and prevail in a certain field or passion. One must keep moving forward no matter the obstacles or challenges one stumble's upon throughout their journey. But there was something missing, we realized that there is no way to truly succeed at something without a clarity or clear vision of a certain outcome. That is when we decided to go back to the drawing board and integrate eyes to our initial design. The eyes integrated in our cloud symbolize our own unique visions. We designed the eyes in a way to be inclusive of the hustle and grit in us. We designed them to look mean and ambitious because although we might not showcase it, we all pursue our dreams and passions with a determination unlike no other. A determination to come out victorious and achieve our goals. 

Our cloud is more than just a cloud. It's our way to represent the mindset of the elite.